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Welcome to the Bully Neutralizer course on Digital Learning Tree.  It is our hope that this course saves lives by reducing the number of bullying incidents that happen in schools.

We are proud to bring this online course to you, as it is the largest and most comprehensive collection of anti-bullying educational materials available today.  Some of the topics covered in the course include:

*The difference between bullying and play

*The difference between bullying and unkind behaviors (and how to stop both)

*Verbal bullying

*Physical bullying

*Indirect bullying

*Social bullying

*Cyber bullying

*Sexual harassment

*How to tell parents that THEIR child is the bully without causing them to become defensive

*Helping parents to see the signs that their student is being bullied (and see the signs that their student is the bully)

*Helping school personnel protect themselves legally by using good intervention and documentation strategies

In order for this course to be a success, it is important that all participants understand how the course is to be implemented.  Please watch this video, as it explains the reasons why the Bully Neutralizer course exists - and gives instructions to the adults in your school that will maximize the benefits of the course:

Implementing the Bully Neutralizer Online Course from Shannon Holden on Vimeo.


As stated in the video, the Bully Neutralizer course consists of two "phases".  Even though you may not be assigned to take both phases, feel free to explore all of the lessons, quizzes, videos, presentations, and resources that the course has to offer.  You can also invite your parents to use your username and password to access the course materials from home, since the course is web-based.

Bully Neutralizer - Phase 1 Instructions from Shannon Holden on Vimeo.

As we mentioned above, the course is divided into two parts.  Phase 1 is the portion of the course that ALL students, teachers, and administrators should take.  Phase 1 of the course is contained exclusively in the "Lessons" tab, and is educational in nature.  The lessons teach students what bullying behaviors are, the difference between bullying and "play", and strategies to help students that are being bullied.  All elements contained in Phase 1 of the Bully Neutralizer course will be marked with a (1).

Phase 2 of the Bully Neutralizer course is intended to remediate a student who is engaging in bullying behaviors.  The elements of Phase 2 of the course will be marked with a (2).  The Assignments tab, Resources, Resources Sharing, Videos, Quiz, and Presentations tabs contain materials that the student should complete in order to pass the course:


Bully Neutralizer - Phase 2 Instructions from Shannon Holden on Vimeo.

If you are on the fence about purchasing the Bully Neutralizer course - and would like even MORE information - take a look at this in-depth tour around the course (WARNING:  This video is 17 minutes long!)


Bully Neutralizer - In Depth Tour from Shannon Holden on Vimeo.


Thanks for considering our course to end the bullying that is taking place at your school!  We hope to talk to you again soon!



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